Once upon a time, a legendary story was told about a rabbit family running a popular rice cake shop on the moon. The secret to their tasty rice cake was the techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.  

One day, Mr. Kim, a curious Korean man from Earth, went to the moon to learn the art of rice cake making from the legendary rabbit family.  

When Mr.Kim had finished learning and returned to Earth, many people on Earth frowned upon him in the beginning, saying he had learned something useless and strange. But because of Mr.Kim’s hard work, soon everyone loved rice cake on Earth, and people still enjoy rice cakes today. Mr.Kim remains a legendary figure on Earth.  

However, when Mr. Kim was on the moon, he fell in love with the moon rabbit, who taught him all about rice cake-making techniques and left a descendant on the moon. This descendant is the main character of the story, Hyperjack.

Story of Hyper Jack

Hyperjack was the eldest grandson of the 777th generation of the most prestigious rice cake family on the moon, Big Shot Moonlight, and heir to the family's rice cake mallet. But Jack was fed up with his ridiculous workload and sick of making rice cake every day that he couldn’t stand it.  Then, one day, Hyperjack heard the song of BTS on the radio and became fascinated by K-Pop. Just like his ancestor, Mr. Kim, Hyper Jack wanted to become someone who would remain in history by pioneering his life with his own individuality and courage. Hyperjack decided to run away to Earth and begin his journey to become a legend.